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Vacuum Tube Reference:

Here are some of the best sources I have found.


The Dr. Z Brake Lite is a set of fixed resistors configured as an L-Pad.

Brake Lite Chassis

A passive attenuator is a low cost alternative to active options -  for low power applications (less than 20 watts).

Does Size Matter?:

Here are two size comparative pics of common caps used throughout the boutique industry - typically seen in plate supply decoupling applications. Notice the relative size of these puppies. The Solens will run from $10 to $20 each while the Nichicons and Spragues are about $3 and $5 respectively. Does one "sound" better than the others? Do caps have a "sound"? How would they go about doing that - exactly? Which cap does a better job. What is it doing? Is bigger better when they do this job in a tube amp? If you are designing an amp, which one do you select? How about if you are buying an amp?


For folks who have asked how my amp design is proceeding ....

Gettin' there!

Engineering model is complete. Design is frozen.

Working on a circuit board.








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